A no win no fee agreement is a simple way of ensuring your legal costs are covered when claiming compensation for a personal injury or accident.

Also known as a conditional fee agreement, it means that the lawyer representing you in the case will not take any payment until the end of the case. In the event of a loss, the lawyer will take no fee, which means there is no financial risk involved.

It is an easy way to ensure those that deserve compensation have access to a legal team to help them make the claim. It has helped thousands of people get hold of the money they deserve
If you were hit by an uninsured driver in the United Kingdom, your claim will be dealt with by Motor Insurers’ Bureau by virtue of the Road Traffic Act 1988.  This body was founded for the purpose of providing compensation for victims of negligent uninsured and untraceable motorists.

What Happens If I Cannot Find The Driver?
If you cannot find the driver and, were unable to trace the driver responsible for your accident, we will process your claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. Claims through the Motor Insurers Bureau are often complex, however, we have the expertise to ensure your claim will be processed as quickly as possible